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Your gift will help win justice on behalf of those who have no other champion, expose and fight the hate that thrives in our country, and provide tolerance education materials free of charge to schools across our nation. Supporters giving $25 or more receive a subscription to our quarterly magazine Intelligence Report.

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The Southern Poverty Law Center is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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DonateNow Place notes and descriptions here.  This information is kept internal and is not displayed publically anywhere during the donation process. DN2012
pid=835 Test donation page MR150470EVDEW04BWV
renew renew url LOOK UP_MR
pid=847 150715 Telemarketing Pledge Donation Form LOOKUP_MR1506TM…
pid=827 enews 150409 MC150470 4/9 email
pid=846 1507 Debtors Prison SA LOOKUP MS1507...
pid=837 150629 MD Renewal Test A1--M25 MR150670E767604BWT
pid=838 150629 MD Renewal Test B1--M25 MR150670E676704BWT
pid=839 150629 MD Renewal Test A2--S25 MR150670E766704V1T
pid=840 150629 MD Renewal Test B2--S25 MR150670E677604V1T
pid=841 150630 Final Renewal M024 MR150670E675104UZV
pid=842 150630 Final Renewal M25 MR150670E648204BWV
pid=843 150630 Final Renewal S024 MR150670E695704V0V
pid=844 150630 Final Renewal S25 MR150670E635904V1V
pid=845 150630 Final Renewal DONORS MR150670E671303LZV
pid=849 T Page--I.R. MT150070W461705JCV
pid=828 150420 renewal 0-24 M MR150470ESHBB04UZV
pid=829 150420 renewal 25+ M MR150470EVDEW04BWV
pid=830 150420 renewal 0-24 S MR150470EVDWE04V0V
pid=831 150420 renwal 25+ S MR150470EVBNN04V1V
pid=832 154020 renewal donor MR150470ELOOO03LZV
pid=851 1507 JCS Test Special Appeal: M25 B1 MR150670E917304BWT
pid=852 1507 JCS Test Special Appeal: M25 B2  MR150670E642804BWT
pid=853 1507 JCS Test Special Appeal: S25 A1 MR150670E379104V1T
pid=854 1507 JCS Test Special Appeal: S25 A2 MR150670E824604V1T
pid=855 1508 Final JCS SA - M024 MS150870E450404UZV
pid=856 1508 Final JCS SA - S024 MS150870E675604V0V
pid=857 1508 Final JCS SA - DONOR MS150870E941103LZV
pid=858 1508 Final JCS SA - M25 MS150870E712604BWV
pid=859 1508 Final JCS SA - S25 MS150870E854104V1V
pid=862 T Page--D.C. MT150070W723405JGV
pid=863 1509 MD BTS Renewal_M25-36_ASK ML150970E3409ZU2HT
pid=864 1509 MD BTS Renewal_M25-36_NO-ASK ML150970E8690ZU2HT
pid=865 1509 MD BTS Renewal_S25-36_ASK ML150970E7074ZU2GT
pid=866 1509 MD BTS Renewal_S25-36_NO-ASK ML150970E3709ZU2GT
pid=868 150930 Renewal Retest M37--Ask MR150970W98245TRIT
pid=869 150930 Renewal Retest M37--No Ask MR150970W70675TRIT
pid=870 150930 Renewal Retest S37--Ask MR150970W42065TRJT
pid=871 150930 Renewal Retest S37--No Ask MR150970W37065TRJT
pid=872 1510 Security SA Ask Test A - With Ask MS151070W4986A093C
pid=873 1510 Security SA Ask Test B - Without MS151070W3668A093T
pid=874 1510 Security SA Subject Test A - Standard MS151070W9968A092C
pid=875 1510 Security SA Subject Test B - Short MS151070W4775A092T
pid=876 1510 Security SA_M0-24 MS151070W9731A093V
pid=877 1510 Security SA_M0-24 Test MS151070W8910A093T
pid=878 1510 Security SA_M25+ MS151070W4298A092V
pid=879 1510 Security SA_S0-24 MS151070W9756A096V
pid=880 1510 Security SA_S25+ MS151070W3496A097V
pid=881 1510 Security SA_DONOR MS151070W4628A098V
pid=883 151027 Sustainer Email Invite (donors) MK151070W61425TRNV
pid=885 2015 Giving Tuesday Base Donation Page LOOKUP MS1511
pid=886 Non-JavaScript Backup Donation Page LOOKUP MS1511
pid=888 2015 Lightbox Donation Page MS151170WPOPUZSXVV
pid=889 2015 Happy Thanksgiving Donation Page - STAFF MC151170E388403M4V
pid=943 2015 Happy Thanksgiving Donation Page - DONOR MC151170E82745TSOV
pid=944 2015 Happy Thanksgiving Donation Page - NONDONOR MC151170E747903M1V
pid=897 151123 Tribute Card Announcement_DONOR MT151170W43585TSOV
pid=941 151123 Tribute Card Announcement_NONDONOR MT151170W532503M1V
pid=890 151127 #GT Launch - ND MS151170E31695TSHV
pid=891 151127 #GT Launch - 25+M MS151170E42295TSLV
pid=892 151127 #GT Launch - 0-24 S MS151170E46705TSMV
pid=893 151127 #GT Launch - 25+S MS151170E42045TSNV
pid=894 151127 #GT Launch - Donor MS151170E61805TSOV
pid=913 151128 #GT Launch - 25+M RELAUNCH MS151170E76415TSLV
pid=895 151128 #GT Launch - 0-24 S RELAUNCH MS151170E75125TSMV
pid=914 151128 #GT Launch - 25+S RELAUNCH MS151170E62145TSNV
pid=915 151128 #GT Launch - Donor RELAUNCH MS151170E42655TSOV
pid=918 151128 #GT Launch - 0-24 S RELAUNCH MS151170E56465TSMV
pid=917 151128 #GT Launch - 25+M RELAUNCH MS151170E94565TSLV
pid=919 151128 #GT Launch - 25+S RELAUNCH MS151170E52585TSNV
pid=920 151128 #GT Launch - Donor RELAUNCH  MS151170E45435TSOV
pid=916 151128 #GT Launch - ND RELAUNCH  MS151170E86345TSHV
pid=921 151128 #GT Recent 25+M RELAUNCH  MS151170E50055TSLV
pid=922 151128 #GT Recent 0-24S RELAUNCH MS151170E49465TSMV
pid=923 151128 #GT Recent 25+S RELAUNCH MS151170E69135TSNV
pid=924 151128 #GT Recent Donor RELAUNCH MS151170E37205TSOV
pid=949 FY16 GT Web Banner MS151170W7926GTWBV
pid=925 151130 #GT Reminder 25+M MS151170E49305TSLV
pid=926 151130 #GT Reminder 0-24S MS151170E69725TSMV
pid=927 151130 #GT Reminder 25+S MS151170E78205TSNV
pid=928 151130 #GT Reminder Donor MS151170E54285TSOV
pid=929 151130 #GT Reminder ND MS151170E49645TSHV
pid=945 151130 #GT Reminder 0-24S - RECENT MS151170E24575TSMV
pid=946 151130 #GT Reminder 25+M - RECENT MS151170E74375TSLV
pid=947 151130 #GT Reminder 25+S - RECENT MS151170E85465TSNV
pid=948 151130 #GT Reminder Donor - RECENT MS151170E89235TSOV
pid=930 151201 #GT Final Day 25+M MS151170E73145TSLV
pid=931 151201 #GT Final Day 0-24S MS151170E93405TSMV
pid=932 151201 #GT Final Day 25+S MS151170E50385TSNV
pid=933 151201 #GT Final Day Donor MS151170E36475TSOV
pid=934 151201 #GT Final Day ND MS151170E39915TSHV
pid=935 151201 #GT Final Day RESEND 25+M MS151270E87245TSLV
pid=936 151201 #GT Final Day RESEND 0-24S MS151270E34975TSMV
pid=937 151201 #GT Final Day RESEND 25+S MS151270E47305TSNV
pid=938 151201 #GT Final Day RESEND Donor MS151270E91055TSOV
pid=939 151201 #GT Final Day RESEND ND MS151270E64275TSHV
pid=940 151202 #GT Final Thank You - Donor MC151270E49825TSOV
pid=898 FY16 Facebook GT Ad1 MQ151170SGTF103LWV
pid=899 FY16 Facebook GT Ad2 MQ151170SGTF203LWV
pid=900 FY16 Facebook GT Ad3 MQ151170SGTF303LWV
pid=901 FY16 Facebook GT Ad4 MQ151170SGTF403LWV
pid=902 FY16 Facebook GT Ad5 MQ151170SGTF503LWV
pid=903 FY16 Twitter GT Ad1 MQ151170SGTT103LZV
pid=904 FY16 Twitter GT Ad2 MQ151170SGTT203LZV
pid=905 FY16 Twitter GT Ad3 MQ151170SGTT303LZV
pid=906 FY16 Twitter GT Ad4 MQ151170SGTT403LZV
pid=907 FY16 Twitter GT Ad5 MQ151170SGTT503LZV
pid=908 FY16 Instagram GT Ad1 MQ151170SGTI103YWV
pid=909 FY16 Instagram GT Ad2 MQ151170SGTI203YWV
pid=910 FY16 Instagram GT Ad3 MQ151170SGTI303YWV
pid=911 FY16 Instagram GT Ad4 MQ151170SGTI403YWV
pid=912 FY16 Instagram GT Ad5 MQ151170SGTI503YWV
pid=959 151207 YE Launch - 0-24 M MS151270E46145TSVV
pid=960 151207 YE Launch -  25+ M MS151270E52315TSLV
pid=961 151207 YE Launch -  0-24 S MS151270E91405TSMV
pid=962 151207 YE Launch -  25+ S MS151270E10395TSNV
pid=963 151207 YE Launch -  DONOR MS151270E32305TSOV
pid=964 151207 YE Launch -  NONDONOR MS151270E02355TSHV
pid=958 151207 YE Launch -  SUSTAINER SS151270E642304V3V
pid=972 151214 YE Relaunch - 0-24 S CONTROL MS151270E35785TSMT
pid=971 151214 YE Relaunch - 0-24 S TEST MS151270E85205TSMT
pid=965 151214 YE Relaunch - 0-24 M POST-TEST MS151270E54215TSVV
pid=966 151214 YE Relaunch - 25+ M MS151270E95265TSLV
pid=967 151214 YE Relaunch - 0-24 S MS151270E49535TSMV
pid=968 151214 YE Relaunch - 25+ S MS151270E98505TSNV
pid=969 151214 YE Relaunch - DONOR MS151270E52505TSOV
pid=970 151214 YE Relaunch - NONDONOR MS151270E24525TSHV
pid=973 151215 Tribute Card - DONOR MC151270E54105TSOV
pid=975 151215 Tribute Card - DONOR TEST A MC151270E52535TSOT
pid=976 151215 Tribute Card - DONOR TEST B MC151270E92515TSOT
pid=977 151215 Tribute Card - DONOR TEST C MC151270E85405TSOT
pid=974 151215 Tribute Card - NONDONOR MC151270E055403M1V
pid=980 151218 Sustainer Invite Donation Page LOOKUP
pid=984 151221 YE Update - 0-24 S V (Used in test but not sent to anyone except for seed accounts. Should not have any revenue.) MS151270E42605TSMV
pid=985 151221 YE Update - 0-24 S CONTROL MS151270E44235TSMT
pid=986 151221 YE Update - 0-24 S TEST MS151270E61245TSMT
pid=987 151221 YE Update - 0-24 M MS151270E54425TSVV
pid=988 151221 YE Update - 25+ M MS151270E84325TSLV
pid=984 151221 YE Update - 0-24 S (Post test version. Has same pid as 151221 YE Update - 0-24 S V) MS151270E82435TSMV
pid=989 151221 YE Update - 25+ S MS151270E42125TSNV
pid=990 151221 YE Update - DONOR MS151270E48205TSOV
pid=991 151221 YE Update - NONDONOR MS151270E54205TSHV
pid=992 151222 YE Update - 0-24 M NO EMAIL MS151270E98525TSVV
pid=993 151222 YE Update - 25+ M NO EMAIL MS151270E76715TSLV
pid=994 151222 YE Update - 0-24 S NO EMAIL MS151270E82405TSMV
pid=995 151222 YE Update - 25+ S NO EMAIL MS151270E55625TSNV
pid=996 151222 YE Update - Donor NO EMAIL MS151270E62055TSOV
pid=997 151222 YE Update - ND NO EMAIL MS151270E36025TSHV
pid=981 151222 Happy Holidays email - STAFF MC151270E765503M4V
pid=982 151222 Happy Holidays email - DONOR MC151270E85295TSOV
pid=983 151222 Happy Holidays email - NONDONOR MC151270E634203M1V
pid=999 151228 YE Reply - 0-24 M MS151270E55025TSVV
pid=1000 151228 YE Reply - 25+ M MS151270E89135TSLV
pid=1001 151228 YE Reply - 0-24 S MS151270E45025TSMV
pid=1002 151228 YE Reply - 25+ S MS151270E53075TSNV
pid=998 151228 YE Reply - Donor MS151270E52045TSOV
pid=1003 151228 YE Reply - ND MS151270E45305TSHV
pid=1008 151230 YE Hard Push - 0-24 M MS151270E82025TSVV
pid=1009 151230 YE Hard Push - 25+ M MS151270E72045TSLV
pid=1010 151230 YE Hard Push - 0-24 S MS151270E62065TSMV
pid=1011 151230 YE Hard Push - 25+ S MS151270E52085TSNV
pid=1012 151230 YE Hard Push - Donor MS151270E34015TSOV
pid=1013 151230 YE Hard Push - ND MS151270E33025TSHV
pid=1038 151230 YE Hard Push #1 - 0-24 S: CONTROL MS151270E92305TSMT
pid=1039 151230 YE Hard Push #1 - 0-24 S: TEST MS151270E35095TSMT
pid=1018 151231 YE Final Push #1 - 6AM - Donor MS151270E34015TSOV
pid=1019 151231 YE Final Push #1 - 6AM - ND MS151270E42205TSHV
pid=1024 151231 YE Final Push #2 - 12PM - Donor MS151270E45505TSOV
pid=1025 151231 YE Final Push #2 - 12PM - ND MS151270E50285TSHV
pid=1040 151231 YE Final Push #3 - 5PM - Donor MS151270E45225TSOV
pid=1031 151231 YE Final Push #3 - 5PM - ND MS151270E82005TSHV
pid=1047 160129 Renewal Test - Long Copy MR160170ER16ZA0HWT
pid=1048 160129 Renewal Test - Short Copy MR160170ER16SA0HWT
pid=1049 160129 Renewal Test - Subject A MR160170ER169A0HZT
pid=1050 160129 Renewal Test - Subject B MR160170ER160A0HZT
pid=1051 160129 Renewal Test - Sustainer Language MR160170ER168A0HWT
pid=1052 160129 Renewal Test - No Sustainer Language MR160170ER167A0HWT
pid=1053 160129 Renewal Test - Base LOOKUP MR160170ER
pid=1055 160201 MD Renewal - M 0-24 MR160270ERF04A0HWV
pid=1056 160201 MD Renewal - M 25+ MR160270ERF03A0HXV
pid=1057 160201 MD Renewal - S 0-24 MR160270ERF02A0HYV
pid=1058 160201 MD Renewal - S 25+ MR160270ERF01A0HZV
pid=1054 160201 MD Renewal - Donor MR160270ERF05A0I0V
pid=1074 160328 Renewal Monday - 0-24M MR160370E3R4MA0INV
pid=1073 160328 Renewal Monday - 25+M MR160370E3R5MA0HWV
pid=1070 160328 Renewal Monday - 0-24S MR160370E3R4SA0IIV
pid=1072 160328 Renewal Monday - 25+S MR160370E3R5SA0HYV
pid=1071 160328 Renewal Monday - DONOR MR160370E3FRDA0HZV
pid=1077 160329 Renewal Tuesday - M0-24 MR160370EA46FA0INV
pid=1078 160329 Renewal Tuesday -  M25+ MR160370EAF64A0HWV
pid=1079 160329 Renewal Tuesday -  S0-24 MR160370EA69GA0IIV
pid=1080 160329 Renewal Tuesday -  S25+ MR160370EAF4GA0HYV
pid=1081 160329 Renewal Tuesday -  DONOR MR160370EA6FDA0HZV
pid=1083 160330 Renewal Wednesday - M0-24 MR160370E5F62A0INV
pid=1084 160330 Renewal Wednesday - M25+ MR160370E45S6A0HWV
pid=1085 160330 Renewal Wednesday - S0-24 MR160370EA6FFA0IIV
pid=1086 160330 Renewal Wednesday - S25+ MR160370EA6T6A0HYV
pid=1087 160330 Renewal Wednesday -  DONOR MR160370E2HSDA0HZV
pid=1088 160331 Renewal Thursday - M0-24 MR160370EG65FA0INV
pid=1089 160331 Renewal Thursday -  M25+ MR160370EHJ2SA0HWV
pid=1090 160331 Renewal Thursday -  S0-24 MR160370ENR5ZA0IIV
pid=1091 160331 Renewal Thursday -  S25+ MR160370EJS6UA0HYV
pid=1092 160331 Renewal Thursday -  DONOR MR160370EJ5ONA0HZV
pid=1093 160401 Renewal Friday - M0-24 MR160470EMR2DA0INV
pid=1094 160401 Renewal Friday - M25+ MR160470EL5TZA0HWV
pid=1095 160401 Renewal Friday - S0-24 MR160470EV2TUA0IIV
pid=1096 160401 Renewal Friday - S25+ MR160470EX5UDA0HYV
pid=1097 160401 Renewal Friday - DONOR MR160470E6S3HA0HZV
pid=1082 1603 - 1604 Renewal Donation Page - No JavaScript LOOKUP MR160370E
pid=834 Kiawah Mail SA LOOKUP MS1505
pid=813 Baddington URL MS150270WDSEE04X4V
pid=815 150312 YIH Sustainer MC150370EVDDD04V3V
pid=824 150316 JCS DONORS MC150370EVDYD03LZV
pid=825 150316 JCS NON-DONORS MC150370EBBSS03M1V
pid=826 150326 enews LOOKUP: MC150370...
pid=816 150312 YIH 0-24 multi MC150370EGRGR04UZV
pid=817 150312 YIH 0-24 multi control MC150370EVTRR04UZC
pid=818 150312 YIH 0-24 multi test MC150370EVBDF04UZT
pid=820 150312 YIH 0-24 single MC150370ETTRR04V0V
pid=819 150312 YIH 25 multi MC150370ESDSE04BWV
pid=821 150312 YIH 25 single MC150370EEWQQ04V1V
pid=822 150312 YIH donor MC150370EERRE03LZV
pid=823 150312 YIH non-donor MC150370ECDDD03M1V
pid=1068 160311 eNews Cruz, RC VRA, Trump ex-Marine (for donation button location testing; same as pid=463) LOOK_UP
pid=1069 160311 eNews Cruz, RC VRA, Trump ex-Marine (for donation button location testing; same as pid=463) LOOK_UP
pid=463 Custom Donation Form ; landing page LOOK_UP
pid=476 Custom Donation Form LOOK_UP
pid=258 Custom Donation Form MQ1206STCAMYYPHLTV
pid=206 testing one source again - this source code should populate appeal too MR130601M0001T7T7V
pid=272 testing one source code and two attributes for 1x and SU MR130601M0001T7T7V
pid=273 test sustainer page - used to show Barbara MBQ1203SUSIR
pid=275 test sustainers page - used for canvassing MQ1304STCPMYYPHLTC
pid=276 test annonymous page - used for canvassing MBQ1203SUSIO
pid=460 Philly Canvassing Sustainer MQ1600STCPMYYPHLTV
pid=458 Philly Canvassing 1X Credit Card MQ1600STCPMYYPHLTV
pid=457 Philly Canvassing 1X Cash or Check MQ1600STCPMYYPHLTV
pid=456 Philly Canvassing Anonymous MQ1600STCPMYYPHLTV
pid=509 Berkeley Tablet Canvassing MQ1600STCPMYYBKYTV
pid=508 Berkeley Tablet Canvassing MQ1600STCPMYYBKYTV
pid=507 Berkeley Tablet Canvassing MQ1600STCPMYYBKYTV
pid=506 Berkeley Tablet Canvassing MQ1600STCPMYYBKYTV
bridge SA 1502 LOOKUP_SA1502
november13news 2013 November e-newsletter LOOKUP
cpd Confirmation Page Donation LOOKUP
test55 Test page test55
pid=833 T Page--B.Z. MT150070WDVTT04XLV
ethel Kennedy ACQ landing page LOOKUP_ACQ/HOUSE_FILE
debtors Debtors ACQ landing Page LOOKUP_ACQ/HOUSE_FILE
bond Bond ACQ landing page LOOKUP_ACQ/HOUSE_FILE
pid=527 Paypal Test Page MC140470EEAPRZYTIV
pid=605 Generic FOTC sign-up page LOOKUP_MK or ME
pid=630 MSP Canvassing
pid=631 MSP Canvassing MQ1400STCPMYYMSPTV
pid=632 MSP Canvassing MQ1400STCPMYYMSPTV
pid=633 MSP Canvassing MQ1400STCPMYYMSPTV
pid=644 Washington, DC Canvassing Tablet MQ1500STCPMYYWDCPV
pid=643 Washington, DC Canvassing Tablet MQ1500STCPMYYWDCPV
pid=642 Washington, DC Canvassing Tablet MQ1500STCPMYYWDCPV
pid=641 Washington, DC Canvassing Tablet MQ1500STCPMYYWDCPV
pid=546 DCA canvassing MQ1500STCPMYYWDCPV
pid=545 DCA canvassing MQ1500STCPMYYWDCPV
pid=544 DCA canvassing MQ1500STCPMYYWDCPV
pid=543 DCA canvassing MQ1500STCPMYYWDCPV
pid=729 Telefund Fulfillment Page LOOKUP_MR1503TM...
pid=746 Des Moines Canvassing Tablet MQ1600STCPMYYDSMTV
pid=745 Des Moines Canvassing Tablet MQ1600STCPMYYDSMTV
pid=744 Des Moines Canvassing Tablet MQ1600STCPMYYDSMTV
pid=743 Des Moines Canvassing Tablet MQ1600STCPMYYDSMTV
pid=737 Amherst Canvassing Tablet MQ1600STCPMYYAMHTV
pid=736 Amherst Canvassing Tablet MQ1600STCPMYYAMHTV
pid=735 Amherst Canvassing Tablet MQ1600STCPMYYAMHTV
pid=734 Amherst Canvassing Tablet MQ1600STCPMYYAMHTV
pid=742 Boston Canvassing Tablet MQ1600STCPMYYBOSTV
pid=741 Boston Canvassing Tablet MQ1600STCPMYYBOSTV
pid=740 Boston Canvassing Tablet MQ1600STCPMYYBOSTV
pid=739 Boston Canvassing Tablet MQ1600STCPMYYBOSTV
pid=751 Sacramento Canvassing Tablet MQ1600STCPMYYSMFTV
pid=749 Sacramento Canvassing Tablet MQ1600STCPMYYSMFTV
pid=748 Sacramento Canvassing Tablet MQ1600STCPMYYSMFTV
pid=747 Sacramento Canvassing Tablet MQ1600STCPMYYSMFTV
pid=755 Chicago Canvasing Tablet MQ1600STCPMYYCHITV
pid=754 Chicago Canvasing Tablet MQ1600STCPMYYCHITV
pid=753 Chicago Canvasing Tablet MQ1600STCPMYYCHITV
pid=752 Chicago Canvasing Tablet MQ1600STCPMYYCHITV
pid=759 Kansas City Canvassing


pid=758 Kansas City Canvassing MQ1600STCPMYYMCITV
pid=757 Kansas City Canvassing MQ1600STCPMYYMCITV
pid=756 Kansas City Canvassing MQ1600STCPMYYMCITV
pid=770 Seattle Canvassing MQ1600STCPMYYSEATV
pid=771 Seattle Canvassing MQ1600STCPMYYSEATV
pid=772 Seattle Canvassing MQ1600STCPMYYSEATV
pid=773 Seattle Canvassing MQ1600STCPMYYSEATV
pid=784 New York City Canvassing MQ1600STCPMYYNYCTV
pid=783 New York City Canvassing MQ1600STCPMYYNYCTV
pid=782 New York City Canvassing MQ1600STCPMYYNYCTV
pid=784 New York City Canvassing MQ1600STCPMYYNYCTV
pid=867 Mid-Level email MC150970EHFEE05JMV
pid=1004 BKY Canvassing Door MQ1600DRCPMYYBKYTV
pid=1006 BKY Canvassing Door MQ1600DRCPMYYBKYTV
pid=1007 BKY Canvassing Door MQ1600DRCPMYYBKYTV
pid=1005 BKY Canvassing Door MQ1600DRCPMYYBKYTV


1508 Final JCS SA - M25