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Double Your Support — Matching Gift Opportunity

Your year-end gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $800,000, by a small group of very generous SPLC supporters, allowing your contribution to go twice as far in the fight against hate and injustice.

This special opportunity ends December 31.

$50 becomes $100
$100 becomes $200
$250 becomes $500
$500 becomes $1,000
$1,000 becomes $2,000
$2,500 becomes $5,000

Trouble donating? Please try this alternate page or call 334-956-8200

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pid=827 enews 150409 MC150470 4/9 email
pid=846 1507 Debtors Prison SA LOOKUP MS1507...
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pid=838 150629 MD Renewal Test B1--M25 MR150670E676704BWT
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pid=852 1507 JCS Test Special Appeal: M25 B2  MR150670E642804BWT
pid=853 1507 JCS Test Special Appeal: S25 A1 MR150670E379104V1T
pid=854 1507 JCS Test Special Appeal: S25 A2 MR150670E824604V1T
pid=855 1508 Final JCS SA - M024 MS150870E450404UZV
pid=856 1508 Final JCS SA - S024 MS150870E675604V0V
pid=857 1508 Final JCS SA - DONOR MS150870E941103LZV
pid=858 1508 Final JCS SA - M25 MS150870E712604BWV
pid=859 1508 Final JCS SA - S25 MS150870E854104V1V
pid=862 T Page--D.C. MT150070W723405JGV
pid=863 1509 MD BTS Renewal_M25-36_ASK ML150970E3409ZU2HT
pid=864 1509 MD BTS Renewal_M25-36_NO-ASK ML150970E8690ZU2HT
pid=865 1509 MD BTS Renewal_S25-36_ASK ML150970E7074ZU2GT
pid=866 1509 MD BTS Renewal_S25-36_NO-ASK ML150970E3709ZU2GT
pid=868 150930 Renewal Retest M37--Ask MR150970W98245TRIT
pid=869 150930 Renewal Retest M37--No Ask MR150970W70675TRIT
pid=870 150930 Renewal Retest S37--Ask MR150970W42065TRJT
pid=871 150930 Renewal Retest S37--No Ask MR150970W37065TRJT
pid=872 1510 Security SA Ask Test A - With Ask MS151070W4986A093C
pid=873 1510 Security SA Ask Test B - Without MS151070W3668A093T
pid=874 1510 Security SA Subject Test A - Standard MS151070W9968A092C
pid=875 1510 Security SA Subject Test B - Short MS151070W4775A092T
pid=876 1510 Security SA_M0-24 MS151070W9731A093V
pid=877 1510 Security SA_M0-24 Test MS151070W8910A093T
pid=878 1510 Security SA_M25+ MS151070W4298A092V
pid=879 1510 Security SA_S0-24 MS151070W9756A096V
pid=880 1510 Security SA_S25+ MS151070W3496A097V
pid=881 1510 Security SA_DONOR MS151070W4628A098V
pid=883 151027 Sustainer Email Invite (donors) MK151070W61425TRNV
pid=885 2015 Giving Tuesday Base Donation Page LOOKUP MS1511
pid=886 Non-JavaScript Backup Donation Page LOOKUP MS1511
pid=888 2015 Lightbox Donation Page MS151170WPOPUZSXVV
pid=889 2015 Happy Thanksgiving Donation Page LOOKUP MC151170W
pid=897 151123 Tribute Card Announcement_DONOR MT151170W43585TSOV
pid=941 151123 Tribute Card Announcement_NONDONOR MT151170W532503M1V
pid=890 151127 #GT Launch - ND MS151170W31695TSHV
pid=891 151127 #GT Launch - 25+M MS151170W42295TSDV
pid=892 151127 #GT Launch - 0-24 S MS151170W46705TSEV
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pid=919 151128 #GT Launch - 25+S RELAUNCH  LOOK UP
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pid=813 Baddington URL MS150270WDSEE04X4V
pid=815 150312 YIH Sustainer MC150370EVDDD04V3V
pid=824 150316 JCS DONORS MC150370EVDYD03LZV
pid=825 150316 JCS NON-DONORS MC150370EBBSS03M1V
pid=826 150326 enews LOOKUP: MC150370...
pid=816 150312 YIH 0-24 multi MC150370EGRGR04UZV
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pid=823 150312 YIH non-donor MC150370ECDDD03M1V
pid=463 Custom Donation Form ; landing page LOOK_UP
pid=476 Custom Donation Form LOOK_UP
pid=258 Custom Donation Form MQ1206STCAMYYPHLTV
pid=206 testing one source again - this source code should populate appeal too MR130601M0001T7T7V
pid=272 testing one source code and two attributes for 1x and SU MR130601M0001T7T7V
pid=273 test sustainer page - used to show Barbara MBQ1203SUSIR
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bridge SA 1502 LOOKUP_SA1502
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pid=833 T Page--B.Z. MT150070WDVTT04XLV
ethel Kennedy ACQ landing page LOOKUP_ACQ/HOUSE_FILE
debtors Debtors ACQ landing Page LOOKUP_ACQ/HOUSE_FILE
bond Bond ACQ landing page LOOKUP_ACQ/HOUSE_FILE
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pid=605 Generic FOTC sign-up page LOOKUP_MK or ME
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pid=757 Charlotte Canvassing MQ1600STCPMYYCLTTV
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pid=770 Seattle Canvassing MQ1600STCPMYYSEATV
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pid=772 Seattle Canvassing MQ1600STCPMYYSEATV
pid=773 Seattle Canvassing MQ1600STCPMYYSEATV
pid=784 New York City Canvassing MQ1600STCPMYYNYCTV
pid=783 New York City Canvassing MQ1600STCPMYYNYCTV
pid=782 New York City Canvassing MQ1600STCPMYYNYCTV
pid=784 New York City Canvassing MQ1600STCPMYYNYCTV
pid=867 Mid-Level email MC150970EHFEE05JMV


1508 Final JCS SA - M25

Limited edition SPLC holiday cards
For every tribute gift of $50 or more, we’ll mail the honoree a specially designed card in a one-of-a-kind, clear envelope. And that gift will be matched as part of our year-end matching gift challenge. It will be the most distinctive card your family and friends receive this season.